About Pintel Law Firm PLLC

About Pintel Law Firm PLLC

In 2009, I opened my own practice with the sole focus being Family Law.  I wanted to represent people, not entities.  I wanted to know that I was making a difference in a person’s life at the most fundamental level:  their family life.  I wanted to ensure that at one of the most difficult moments in a person’s life I would be able to provide sound, practical and necessary information that would lead to the best possible personal and legal outcome. 

Pintel Law

Clients in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area can turn to me for assistance with:

  • Divorce
  • Establishment of Paternity, Legal Decision-Making (Custody), Parenting Time and Child Support
  • Modification of Legal Decision-Making (Custody), Parenting Time and Child Support, or
  • Enforcement of a prior order addressing any of these areas.

Most people assume that once their divorce is done or paternity has been established along with legal decision-making (custody), parenting time and child support they will be done with the legal system.

However, until your child emancipates, changes in your life or the life of the other parent will likely occur.

 Call me to help you determine if there exists a legal basis to seek a modification of a prior order.

Circumstances in your life or the life of the other parent may also develop which prevent either you or the other parent from following the court’s prior orders. The result is that either you will face an enforcement action or be required to bring an enforcement action against the other parent. I can help you understand what you can expect the court to actually legally enforce and why.

In addition, I handle relocation cases.  You may have good reason to believe that it would be best for the court to allow you and your children to move from Arizona.  This requires the court to weigh many factors and consider how this would affect the parent remaining in Arizona.  These are difficult cases but not impossible.  Let me walk you through the court’s analysis to see if this is something that you can realistically expect to accomplish.

My services also include document preparation, drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and representing clients at Order of Protection Hearings. Limited Scope Representation is an option in some cases and depending on the complexity of your case, I may be able to offer flat rates for all the areas listed above.

Pintel Law
Pintel Law

Why Choose Pintel Law Firm PLLC

I personally handle your case from intake to trial.  This should be what each client receives from an attorney they hire.  However, I know that at other firms a client can end up with one attorney during intake, a ‘fill in’ attorney at a hearing and yet another attorney at trial.  I treat my clients the way I want to be treated:   with respect and attention to what matters to them.

By handling each case from start to finish, I save clients from the emotional and financial frustration of explaining their situation multiple times to new people who have nothing invested in their case.  Choose an attorney that understands that it is not just a case you are asking for help with but your life. 

My goal is to provide assertive, efficient and cost-effective representation and treat each client like a person not a case.

I provide a 1/2 hour
phone consultation
I look forward to helping you.

Pintel Law